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Water Charger Orgone Plate

NOW INCLUDES THE FLOWER OF LIFE MANDALA! This is the same as the coaster, just much larger and more powerful. Charges everything faster including large pitchers of water or whole plates of food. Your fruitbowl will last longer above it and plants will double in growth upon it! All of our orgone generators emit Far-Red Infrared Radiation like Saunas and other pain management solutions and water treatment solutions. Our orgone also emits a high concentration of negative ions like the ocean or the ground. A glass of water atop our charging plate will become Alkaline in pH to 7.2-8.0. This is considered by many to be healthier than acidic water. Our devices also reduce the TDS - Total Dissolved Solids (like heavy metals). Users report water is "lighter" and "cleaner" tasting. Juice will taste sweeter and Wine will even improve in taste! Soda will go FLAT faster - the orgone breaks all liquids up into smaller chains. Also available is a thicker model with extra aquamarine and tourmaline gems. 8.5" or 21.5cm in diameter. Practicioners place essential oils and massage lotion bottle on the plate to charge them and make them more effective and higher in vibration!
  • Model: WaterChargerCoaster
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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