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Space Traveller Pendant (Moldavite & Meteorites)

BRAND NEW! Vibration raising incredibly powerful pendant that focuses on the root chakra, heart chakra, crown chakra and above! I use several grams of Moldavite - a meteorite collision created crystal that is only found in the Moldov river valley in the Czech Republic and are becoming very scarce.  Moldavite has been used for centuries in talismans it was said to be used because of the strange pulsing energy field of the stone, and was used as good luck and protection. Mystics use it to accelerate the awakening of consciousness and awareness as well as for healing. Moldavite was and is still is given as a stone of royalty between royal families. To balance out the Moldavite next I include several grams of Meteorites from Campo del Cielo in Argentina. It is said that Meteorites open and activate the 3rd eye chakra, facilitating inter-dimensional communication and travel. They are said to increase the flow of inner-chi (energy) throughout the body and meridian system. Wearing them can bring increased energy flow to the auric field, and can provide a shield of protection from negative energies.

This pendant is for those that seek their higher self, purpose and consciousness - this is for those who are ready to blast off on their spiritual journey!

Wearing this pendant aids in manifestation, love, self love, abundance, stability and grounding.  Also includes Master Powder blend with over 200+ powdered crystals to finish balancing out the energy!

Includes sterling silver chain.

  • Model: SpaceTravellerPendant
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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