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Orgone Pendulum

Reiki Orgone Pendulums are the strongest and fastest moving pendulums around and never need energetic cleansing! Brass Pendulums with our Master Powder Blended Orgone core.

Pendulums are used for answering yes/no questions by allowing your subconscious to have a "voice."  Your subconscious controls your fast-twitch muscles that move the pendulum.

You can work with your pendulum by asking it to show you its yes.  After it becomes clear (clockwise/counter rotation) or vertical or horizontal movement you then ask for its no.

Once you know the yes and no you can ask it a plethora of questions and even test your abilites with a binary test flip a coin and determine its state prior to seeing.

Deep down we are all psychic it's simply a matter of developing our gifts.

Two styles available:
Short- 2 inches 8 1/2 inches with chain
Long- 2 3/4  inches 9 3/4 inches with chain
Both come with our high density of Master Powder Blend orgone at the core.

  • Model: OrgonePendulum
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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