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Healing Wand 4 Phi w/ massage top

NOW INCLUDES A MASSAGING TOP!!!! A new product launched for healers and those seeking a strong chakra healing wand and manifestation tool! This new style of healing wand includes a chakra massaging top. Comes with either our chakra blend or single chakra color.  Each size is made to a specific ratio of the Phi (Φ) Ratio.  The first size's height is 1.618(Φ) multiplied by its width. The second is twice the height and 3 Phi is 3X, 4 Phi is 4X. The purpose of sacred geometry is to keep the wand in the same ratio as everything in nature.  All sizes balance the whole aura and can be used for specific healing as well!  Each wand has a high concentration of our master powder so they never need cleaning. Healers use them to work on clients by sending any modality of energy healing through the device greatly amplifying the field.  The client feels it much more strongly than hands alone or a crystal. Manifest with intent (as always) amplified by the wand like an antenna.  You will feel this tool!!! Comes with a guide to the chakras and guide on how to use the wand.  This is for the second largest wand - great size for practicioners.  4 times the power of the Phi wand!
  • Model: HealingWand4PhiW/ massage top
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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