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Laser Lemurian Crown Chakra Healing Wand

A brand new product launched for healers and those specifically seeking a crown chakra healing wand and manifestation tool!
 This tool balances the whole aura and raises your chakra vibrations to their highest potential- your crown!  The lemurian crystal amplifies the healing power of this laser exponetially! When using this wand, your aura will become vibrantly purple as it stimulates your crown chakra. If you are seeking pure vibration raising purple light, then this is your first class ticket to higher vibrations. Comes with a guide to the chakras and guide on how to use the wand. 
  • Created with a laser diode programmed for the crown chakra.
  • The laser pulses through the orgone matrix exciting the array of 200 varieties of powdered crystals and finishes with a strong pointed energy off the tip.
  • This wand works for all of the chakras but focuses on the crown and the microchakras above the crown.

  • Model: Laser Lemurian Crown Chakra Healing Wand
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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