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Chakra Discs

A new product launched for healers and those seeking a specific energy! Same size as personal disc only tuned with special gems to align you!!! Some people like to carry one corresponding to their day's activities (Throat for speaking, Sacral for Artists, Heart for love and sales, Third eye or Crown for meditation). Each one balances a separate chakra for whatever you need! Each disc does have our master powder so they never need cleaning and will work on all chakras though much stronger for the specific chakra. Healers use them to work on clients by setting the discs atop or below (like throat) each chakra. The healing is performed with tuned fields positioned at each chakra bringing the client or you into amazing alignment! You will feel this set!!! Awesome stones like turquoise, sugilite, citrine, lapis lazuli, garnet, jade, peridot and many more! Comes with a guide to the chakras and guide on how to use. Discount if you buy the set ($169.99).
  • Model: ChakraDisc
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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