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Top Quality gems will be found in all of our pendants ranging from basic to exotic.  We create the pendants with our master powder blend.  Our master powder contains 200+ crystals from all around the world, 75+ powdered herbs, powdered tachyon and monatomic gold.

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  • Pet Pendant (PetPendant)
    NEW PET PENDANT!!!! This pendant adds a new style for your best friend's necklace.  This pendant both balances and raises your pet's vibrational energy as well as those around them.  Each includes the master powder blend to keep it clear and to balance and cleanse all chakras! This light weight pendant is easy for pet's of all sizes to wear comfortably and fashionably, while protecting them from all the harmful EMFs both in and out of the home.

    Keep Fido Fashionable and SAFE ;) 

    Reiki Orgone's Master Powder Blend is created with 200+ crystal powders, 20+ metal powders,77 herbal powders, powdered tachyon and monatomic gold for maximum strength.
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  • Orgone Buddha Pendant (orgonebuddhapendant)
    CARRY THE WISDOM OF BUDDHA WITH YOU!  We took our classic carved obsidian Buddha head and made it into Orgone!

    Now you can have the serenity and mindfulness of the Buddha in addition to the EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) protection naturally produced by the Orgone.

    The powerful 
    Master Powder Blend transmutes EMF's in your environment, and produces negitave ions.

    Includes black matching cord so you can wear right away!

    Larger Buddha head is $5.00 more
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  • Lotus Pendant (Lotuspendant)
    3-D Flower Power! This design contains a high concentration of black tourmaline and titanium powder in addition to the other 200+ powders. Protect yourself from all the harmful EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies) in your environment.

    The beautiful lotus flower has long been associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Perfect addition to the natural protection powers of orgone. 

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  • Elite Small Pendant (EliteSmallPendant)
    Our most powerful pendant is now more compact!!! Includes multiple ascension stones (Phenakite - highest vibrational stone on earth) (Rhodozite - Beyond Crown Chakra) in addition to beautiful tourmalines, emeralds, tanzanites, jade, meteorites, real diamonds (Canadian), tiny gold nugget flake, pink sapphire, orange Kyanite, Zincite, Sugilite, Lapis Lazuli, Neon blue Apatite, Aquamarine, Peridot, Lemurian Seed Crystals and more! Includes phone consultation to ensure best crystals and energies for you! Comes in teardrop, hexagon, heart, and trapezoid shapes.

    Includes a sterling silver chain from Italy.

    Set in silver additional $50 
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  • Grounding & Abundance Pendant (Grounding&AbundancePendant)
    This powerful pendant is designed to substantially ground you and attract abundance!
    Packed with lots of Pyrite, that pulls energy from the earth and promotes abundance in all areas of expression. Great chakra balance and healing abilities.

    Wearing this pendant allows the wearer to become open to recieving infinite abundance.  A good affirmation to accompany is "Abundance comes to me every day in every way with ease." 

    Comes with cord, or sterling silver chain for an additional $5.00

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  • Kyanite Gem Pendant (KyaniteGemPendant)
    This powerful pendant is designed to balance and align all chakras. 
    Kyanite is a very special stone in metaphysics as it cleanses and aligns all 7 chakras and never needs energetic cleansing. Kyanite is works very quickly to cleanse other stones and the user of negativity! Kyanite forms an expansive bridge of energy expanding the energy flow that connects the chakra centers.

    This gem quality Kyanite is set in sterling sliver.

    Wearing this pendant allows the wearer to have a balanced and powerful blue throat chakra.  A good affirmation to accompany is "I communicate everything I need with ease and effectiveness".

    Includes black cord to wear or sterling silver chain for additional $5.00

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  • Metatron's Cube Lepidolite Orgone Pendant (MetaronsLepidolitePendant)
    The Flower of Life has thirteen circles. [13=4=time] If each circle's center is considered a "node", and each node is connected to each other node with a single line, a total of seventy-eight lines are created. Within this cube, many other shapes can be found, including two-dimensionally flattened versions of the five platonic solids. In early kabbalist scriptures, Metatron supposedly forms the cube from his soul. This Cube can later be seen in Christian art, where it appears on his chest or floating behind him. Metatron's cube is also considered a holy glyph, and was often drawn around an object or person to ward off demons and satanic powers. - From 

    This incredible orgone and lepidolite combination pendant is sure to activate your higher self!!!
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  • Tree Vibrations Pendant Solid color (Tree Vibrations Solid)
    Bring back the nature! This new pendant style offers the grounding energies of natural wood coated in orgone. 

    Available in different colors, to match all your moods.

    One side with honeycomb design, and the other is plain, making it reversible!

    Includes cord so you can wear right away!

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