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Crystal Window Pendant

These beautiful pendants are reversible to allow the gems to be seen and felt!  We include gemmy apatite and pink and green tourmaline.

Apatite focuses on communication, clearing karma, regulates appetite and more.  Tourmaline is the best stone for detoxification.  Pink and green tourmaline colors focus on love, abundance, spirituality. Tons of powerful activating energy! We dont use metal leaf to allow the gems perfect visibility. We place througout a low concentration (clear visibility) of the Master Powder Blend -a high concentration of black tourmaline and titanium powder in addition to the other 200+ powders. 1.6in tall. Includes sterling silver chain from Italy so it can be worn immediately.
  • Model: FrozenWindowPendantRound
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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