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Flower of Life Orgone Pendant

The Flower of Life is sacred geometry that represents higher dimensions merging into form. To the wearer or observer it can raise vibration and increase your feeling of connectedness with all. Tons of powerful activating energy! A balanced blend of all chakra stones is placed behind the flower of life mandala.  Like the Black Midnight pendant the black is from a high concentration of black tourmaline and titanium powder in addition to the other 200+ powders. 1.5in tall (with bail), 1.2in wide. Includes cord AND chain so it can be worn immediately however you like.

NEW : GLOW OPTION! Yes everyone will be looking at you at the festival or the club!

Abundance - Emerald + Tiger's Eye
Ascension - Rhodozite + Lapis + Amethyst
Chakra Blend (default) - Jasper + Calcite + Tigers Eye + Amazonite + Aventurine and more
Chakra Blend Gems - Amethyst + Apatite (Neon Blue) + Peridot +Carnelian + Citrine + Blue Sapphire + Garnet
Space Traveler - Moldavite + Meteorite
Detox - Pink Tourmaline and Quartz
Love - Emerald + Peridot + Rhodocrosite
Great Communicator - Lapis + Kyanite + Apatite

  • Model: Flower of Life Orgone Pendant
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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