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Flower of life mandalaWelcome to the new Reiki Orgone web store!  This redesign has been is progress for a while now and we are now tested and complete!  We have made some amazing purchases of raw crystals and have been able to LOWER PRICES on many items while increasing quality and adding a new mandala to our designs!  The Flower of Life Mandala is Sacred Geometry believed to contain the patterns of creation as they emerged from the Void. By meditating upon this symbol of Sacred Geometry and wearing the Flower of Life symbol on the body it has been known to have powerful healing benefits, helps to disolve fears, assists in connecting to the higher self. Within the Flower of Life is the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, the Vesica Piscis and Metatron's Cube. We have increased the frequency of all our works with this developoment and you will too!
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