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Master Pyramid Disco

NOW INCLUDES THE FLOWER OF LIFE! Protects from 1-2 miles in diameter based upon surroundings - test with any pendulum - or psychic. Flower of Life orgone mandala on the side. Hamza symbol of protection on the opposite side. Quartz core surrounded in LED lights that color change with controller. Choose the color or light effects and speed with ease. Plugs into a USB charger as a power source, or optional battery pack for days of power. Roughly 4" tall and 5.2"x5.2" at the base.  175% larger and heavier than the next smaller size. Perfect size for a large home / yoga center/ holistic practicioner office. Change your space...neighborhood...and together the planet!

  • Model: masterpyramid
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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