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Moldavite is a star born crystal!  Originiated in the Moldav river valley in the Czech Republic this cosmic creation began with a massive meteorite impact!  This shooting star on its arrival sent molten combinations of terrestrial and extraterrestrial minerals into the air where it cooled while falling back to earth!  The only known green tektite deposit is nearly depleted!

This mineral is thought to expand consciousness and resonates with the heart and crown chakras.  The crystal inspires and energizes its users!  Moldavite works well combined with a grounding crystal as the energy can be too high in vibration for some.

We put these in many of our pendants and had the opportunity to buy a dealer out at the Tucson gem show. Hundreds of moldavites available!

Comes energetically cleansed from the orgone chamber!

Comes in a velvet satchel.
  • Model: moldavite

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