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Chakra Buddha

NEW CHAKRA BUDDHA!!! Make your home an even happier home with this orgone Buddha!  It will help to unlock unlimited love and joy, as well as raise your consciousness and vibrational energy.  This chakra Buddha will have your home epressing your chakra of choice.  Whether you need grounding, inspiration, communication, love or just raising your level of energy, you can achieve it with the chakra Buddha.  Perfect size for a small home.  Similar to a medium sized pyramid in its protection radius, but in a more friendly design.  This little Buddha will brighten your home and protect you from harmful emf's (electro-magnetic fields).

The Buddha is used during meditation to enlighten and raise the vibration of the user.  With the buddha placed in the left hand facing the same direction the user. Holding it level with the solar plexus chakra and touching the top of the buddha's head with your right palm.
  • Model: Buddha
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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