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Black Midnight Edition Pendant Micro

Tons of powerful grounding and detoxifying energy! All tourmaline gems (green and pink) nestled around and behind a cloud of sparkling galena and shungite behind a clear protective layer found on all my pendants above medium. The black is from a high concentration of black tourmaline and titanium powder in addition to the other 200+ powders. Emits the most Negative Ions and Far-Infrared Radiation for its size. Sterling Silver bail. Very popular with gentleman. NEW:Sparkling shungite 95% grade(not black shungit) in every pendant.

In this small size we put in a green and pink gem grade translucent tourmaline.

Includes a cord or an Italian sterling chain for 8$.
  • Model: BlackMidnightPendantMicro
  • Manufacturer: Reiki Orgone

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