About Us

Reiki Orgone...
Reiki Orgone was founded in 2006 by David Bobrowich.  Our orgone generators can be found in stores and healing practices in 5 continents around the world!

Orgone was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930's.  Orgone can be classified as an anti-entropic force that permeates the ether. Simply put orgone is energetically the organizing force that unifies all living things.  Reich found high positive orgone energy concentrations promote better health.

You can measure our devices improving strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion in the wearer.  Many customers also report feeling much happier and centered when wearing their orgone!  You can feel the energy by placing your hand  hovering over the device and moving it off and on.  Each time you return or leave you will notice a change in the sensations felt in your hand.  The left palm works best for most users.

Our devices also impact plant growth, change ice's structure, alkalize water, improve wine and more!

How can you utilize some positive energy in your space today?

NEW: A word from the inventor of orgone generators!

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